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Флориан шлоссер книги, торт медовый шоколадный рецепт с фото

People have always loved sitting and sharing in the presence of an awakened human being and experiencing that tender beingness. For about 7 years Florian. New Book by Nirmala and Free Ebook Version. Nirmala. From Sydney to . Interview with Florian Schlosser, taken on SAND10 Conference, San Rafael BEING - Conversations with Florian Schlosser. listen to Florian reading from BEING. 'It is not that I am. Being is. It is not that I do. Activity acts.' This is a book. I can't say enough about this book, which I am still savoring. A page here or there brings me present, or I should say reinforces my state of presence.

Флориан Шлоссер (Татхагата) Еще в раннем детстве Флориан Шлоссер начал интенсивный поиск Отрывок диалога из книги "Существование. Florian Schlosser - Meeting Truth. Interview by Iain McNay. Iain: It's interesting how Conscious TV evolves, because Florian is one of those people where.

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